Zaid Ali is head over heels for his wife – and we hope this isn’t a prank!


Comedian and social media sensation Zaid Ali recently took to Instagram and Twitter

Zaid Ali recently took to Instagram and Twitter to announce the news of his nikkah. Soon after the nuptials were tied, we saw Zaid’s wife feature on his his social media handles.

A video captioned ‘Our marriage’ shows Zaid indulging in mild PDA with his significant other. The comedian most certainly is smitten by the love of his life and doesn’t shy away from exhibiting it.

But – we have slight reservations though! Courtesy of Zaid’s previous April fool’s post, which scarred us with trust issues surrounding the comedian’s relationship status.

Pakistani-Canadian comedian Zaid Ali ties the knot!

A while ago, a post on Zaid’s Facebook announced his engagement, which the comedian later dispelled as an April fool’s prank. But the thing was – it seemed so ridiculously real! Check it out below and decide for yourself:

We really hope that the nuptials announcement will not be followed by a disclaimer only to find Zaid was playing yet another prank on his fans. Rest assured, they couple does look lovely in the frame – we mean the ‘real’ couple!