Qatar close friend but others also our acquaintances


e are close friends with Qatar but we are also in acquaintance with other countries in conflict with them and we want this issue dividing GCC to be resolved ecumenically.

Consul General Murat Onart during a briefing at his house in connection with the first anniversary of The Victory of Democracy.

Two sources of pride have emerged from this bitter experience. The first one is the courage and determination of the Turkish people. Our citizens from all backgrounds and political views took to the streets against the putsches. Our television channels continued broadcasting despite the threats and raids by coup plotters. The Turkish nation became one. Second, the Turkish nation showed the entire world that it defended democracy and will continue to do it. My people demonstrated that only the governments taking office through democratic process would rule Turkey, not the arms groups. Strongest legitimacy is the democratic one. We passed this tough democracy test as a country, the counsel general further said.

He presented a short film about how the coup initially started and the innocent killed parliament, General headhunters and the hotel where the president was staying bombed. A TV anchor was taken hostage to announce the take over but the resilience of the people who took to the streets after the call from their leader turned everything around.

The question is what kind of mindset would drive a person to attack his own people, institutions, symbols and leaders in such a brutal manner? questioned Murat Onart.

I can say that we have destroyed the backbone of the organization in Turkey with the measures that we have taken, however the threat is not only for us. The organization has similar structures in many countries. They continue to plant treacherous seeds in other states. I would here by like to alert our friends once again.

The Turkish nation proved to the world that democracy is not a cheap victory but is precious enough to die for its sake. Our primary duty is to take necessary measures to prevent it from happening again.

Replying to a question he said the impression that we had supported to formulate Daesh in any way is totally false, we condemn terrorism in all forms since we are ourselves victims of it.

He acknowledged that Pakistan was the first country to extend a hand of support in those tough hours, it took days for others to comfort us.