Police grill hotel guards in girl’s shooting case


LAHORE: The girl found shot dead in the washroom of a hotel on The Mall was laid to rest at a graveyard on Saturday.

Rabia Naseer, 22, of Batapur, was found shot dead in the washroom on the lobby of the hotel on Friday.

The CCTV footage showed that Rabia entered the lobby of the hotel attending a phone call and went straight to the washroom.

Police handed over the body to the heirs after a postmortem examination who buried it in a local graveyard.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Hasan Mushtaq Sukhera said that hotel’s 10 to 12 security guards and officials of the administration were called for questioning. “We recorded the statements of the guards and other hotel employees”.

He said they had written to the mobile company to get call records of the deceased to ascertain more facts.

He said deceased’s heirs were reluctant to lodge the case, calling it a suicide case.

The SSP said they also checked the record of the hotel and found no room reservation to her name. He said they also investigating that how the weapon was brought into the hotel. He said the hotel security guards did not properly frisk Rabia and her purse and it is believed she was carrying two bullet magazines.

Hotel’s marketing and Communication head Sasha Zaidi called the killing “a very sad incident”.

She said that the woman entered the hotel wearing the ammunition on her clothes and CCTV footage also revealed that her bag was empty.

She said the girl was talking on the phone and kept talking till she entered the washroom on lobby level where she shot herself in the head.

She said hotel’s security, after the hearing gunshot, called police and also alerted a rescue ambulance.

Ms Zaidi said the security was on high alert due to arrival of President of Pakistan Mamnoon Husain so everyone was later checked.

“We are also very shocked, however, we are a hotel and as per the footage she didn’t seem upset or crying when she came in”.

“We didn’t expect that anything of this sort can be done by such a young girl and we are very sad about it,” she concluded.