People’s mandate must be restored’: Nawaz Sharif


Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party’s general council called for the restoration of people’s mandate and said that ‘we’ should not continue to do the same things that led to the breakup of the country.

On the amendment and passing of the Electoral Reforms Bill 2017, Nawaz said they have repealed the ‘dictator’s law’.

Nawaz said that he holds no anger in his heart and that history will show the struggle Muslim League is at, adding that PML-N is still the country’s biggest political party.

“If there was nothing in the Panama Papers then public should have been informed about this. They should have been informed about the truth, and that I did not misuse any public funds,” said Nawaz.

Adding that we definitely need to think about what led to the breakup of the nation in 1971, if we don’t try to change things then even Pakistan will not forgive us,” said Nawaz.

Nawaz said he is hopeful that party will fare even better in the 2018 elections. According to Nawaz “I was elected by the people thrice, I was disqualified in the process also. I was disqualified not because of any corruption or malpractice but only for not taking a salary from my son,” he said.