Fawad busts a move to ‘Larki Beautiful’ and it’s adorable


Did you think broody heartthrob Fawad Khan can’t have some fun? This Instagram video proves otherwise.

As Kapoor & Sons promotions get underway, Fawad shares a silly moment during the dubbing of the trailer song ‘Larki Beautiful’.

Oblivious to the presence of a camera in the room, Fawad busts some moves while warming up for the song’s dubbing.


He only stops when he realises that someone is recording his antics. Now we know he puts up a sombre facade!

His fans couldn’t believe their eyes either.

“He’s going to be the death of me someday,” says a Sharz19. “Why is he so cute?” wonders Teee68. “Hahhahaahha so funny so serious face!” exclaims Naureen. “Sab larkia beautiful hoti hai (All girls are beautiful)… Lol.”

Here’s hoping the promotions keep revealing the lighter side of Fawad Khan!