80 killed, 255 survived the Grenfell tower inferno


Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said in an investigational report on Monday that around 80 people are confirmed dead in inferno which engulfed west London’s Grenfell Tower

Majority of the residents (255) successfully escaped the fire, according to the police. They further claimed that around 350 people are expected to have been present in the tower when the incident occurred, with 14 residents out that night.

The case is under investigation of 250 forensic and related experts who fear that the inferno would leave remains either unrecognizable or practically non-existent. Remains of the victims were also scanned for the presence of teeth, jewelry or other bits and pieces that would help in identification.

MPS Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said that initial investigations were conducted on basis of a potential manslaughter. “This fire should not have happened and as a result of that fire a large number of people have lost their lives.” he said.

Commander Stuart Cundy ensured that those responsible for the incident will be penalised and justice will be served. “You can’t listen to the families and listen to the 999 calls and not want to hold people to account for a fire that should not have happened,” he said.

32 victims out of a potential 73 have been identified, while others were so badly damaged that their identification remains a task for the experts.

Many commentators have ascribed the brutality of the blaze to the cladding which was attached to the tower, reportedly to make it less of an eyesore for residents of luxury blocks in the wealthy borough.