15 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without


As many as 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

Are you part of that 88%?

If you are, you’re probably well aware of all the benefits.

If you aren’t, it’s just a matter of time. You’ve likely already realized its importance and plan to make changes to include it in your overall marketing strategy ASAP.

But how do you get started if you’ve never done it before?

And how can you do it right, and well?

The good news is there are countless marketing tools at your disposal to make things easier and more successful for you.

So whether you’re just starting to use content marketing or you’ve been using it for awhile, these 15 tools will help you get the most out of your time and energy.

1. Analyze topics and find influencers with BuzzSumo

Do you know what kind of content is trending in your industry?

Do you know what your competition is writing about and how they market it?

BuzzSumo is perfect for leveling the playing field, revealing the topics you should write about, and helping you find influencers in your industry to market your content for you.

Get content insights by discovering what content was most shared across all social networks and run analysis reports.

Find influencers who are industry leaders in any area, check out the content they’ve been sharing, and plan influencer outreach from there.

You can get content alerts to be the first company to see content that mentions your keyword.

You can also get alerts when a competitor posts new content, so you’ll never miss anything.

With competitor analysis, you can track how your competitor’s content is performing and compare their results to your own performance.

When you search any keyword, you’ll be shown a list of the top-performing content

And that makes this tool perfect for editorial planning and scheduling. Use it before you even start drafting a blog post.

Then use this next tool to organize your findings.

2. Capture, organize, and share notes with Evernote

Do you wish you had a better way to stay organized or brainstorm for future content?

Do you need a place to put your ideas, where your entire team can have access to your thoughts and collaborate with one another?

To fulfill these needs, use Evernote. It’s available across all devices and it’s a great place to add all the information you found through your research with the first resource, BuzzSumo.